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保安員都是來自五湖四海,因地域、語言、風俗及家庭背景不同,因而造就了各自不同的生活習慣、思想方式、性格特點,產生了不同的人生觀、價值觀。 現在,每天都會有新隊員加入到我們保安行列中來,他們面臨的首要問題就是對新環境及新工作的陌生和膽怯。
The security guards are all from all over the world. Because of the different regions, languages, customs and family backgrounds, they have created different habits, ways of thinking, character characteristics and different outlook on life and values. Now, every day, new players join us in the security ranks. The first problem they face is the strangeness and timidity of the new environment and new job.
Most of the new players are young people, and some are even the first time to leave home and leave their loved ones. The feeling of homesickness is inevitable and human nature. Most of the modern youth have two characteristics. On the one hand, they hope that they can get rid of their parents' control, go to the society alone and make their own business. On the other hand, they are used to rely on their parents at home and want to rely on others and leave home, although their self-reliance has been enhanced, but independent, but independent, but independent, but independent, but independent, but independent. The ability to live is not strong enough and the mind is not fully matured.
When the new team members joined the security team, they first faced the rules and regulations of the security company, the paramilitary management, the high strength of the military training, and the daily study of the basic skills of various posts, the eight hours of work time, and the relatively dull work, which were all changes within one day. Therefore, the new players can not adapt to this environment for a while. On the other hand, the accommodation of the security units is generally poor. As a result of these reasons, a large number of new players have been leaving for one or two months or even less, and the rate of attrition has remained high.
針對新隊員因為想家和不適應而影響他們的工作情緒,思想不穩定,進而對學習規章制度、各種崗位技能以及軍事訓練產生抵觸的現象,作為基層班隊長,我們得引起高度重視,努力去了解他們的思想,穩定他們的情緒。 首先,應該從隊員的思想工作入手,解決好他們那種獨立性和依賴性之間的矛盾。現在的年青人,意識尚未完全擺脫依賴父母的習慣,獨立性不強,所以基層班隊長就應該從生活上、工作上像他們的父母兄長一樣去關心他們、幫助他們,使他們在保安隊伍中感受到一種大家庭的溫馨。
As the new members of the new team, because of their homesick and lack of adaptation, affect their work emotion, the thought is unstable, and then the learning rules and regulations, various post skills and military training conflict, as the grass-roots class captain, we must pay great attention to understand their thoughts and stabilize their emotions. First of all, we should start with the ideological work of the players and solve their contradictions between independence and dependence. Now the young people, the consciousness is not completely free from the habit of relying on their parents, independence is not strong, so the grass-roots class captain should be from life, work like their parents like their brother to care for them, help them, so that they feel the warmth of a large family in the security team.
On the other hand, we should strengthen the adult consciousness of the new players, and give them an analysis of their correct outlook on life and values, and make them aware of their overdue love. Tell them that if they rely on their parents blindly, they will never be able to live and work on their own. Through the exchange of ideas, let them realize that a man of great importance must have the ability to live independently and a tough character, to be a dragon instead of a worm, to fight bravely like an eagle, and not to live under the shelter of a chicken mother like a chick.
Secondly, joining the security industry is the turning point of the life of the new players and the starting point of life. The team captain of the grassroots class should help them to make clear what the goal of life should be set up for them. Only set a clear goal, work and study will be motivated, and the team members will put their energy mainly on this goal. In the implementation of the target, we should actively participate in military training, learn relevant regulations and other knowledge. As a result, the psychology of homesick will gradually fade away.
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